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"Show me the reason why"

Many decades ago, David Ogilvy, the founder of advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather famously demanded of his creative team to "show me the reason why." We would argue that such a demand is as valid as ever, maybe more so. Especially on the Internet, you may only get a few seconds to convince the reader of the value of your message and much of this is related to effective content.

Why content is so critical

When you need to communicate effectively the benefits and values of whatever it is you offer, it will best be achieved when you provide content and images that provoke an empathic as well as informative response to the needs and interests of your specific target audience. Achieving this requires a combination of psychology, experience and skill, plus knowledge of your industry and how customers think. If only technical accuracy mattered, the task would be simple, but the skill is knowing the mindset of the audience to convey your offers and your value propositions in appropriate terms and tone .

For many years, our principals have provided strategic advice and practical marketing solutions to clients across a wide range of industries ranging from small local businesses to international corporations. To concentrate exclusively on content development, CONTENTWIZARDS is a recently launched specialist business unit integrated with other ASPAC services.

The chart below shows just a few of the business categories in which this integrated group offers significant experience. It means we require a minimum of briefing and know how to communicate in relevant terms that will resonate with potential customers and other stakeholders across many industries.

Articles we have written about various aspects of content development may be found HERE.

Below are just a few websites for which we created all of the written content, the site navigation and many of the photographs:
Graeme Cooper website - we design, manage and write content for the site, including all website copy, technical articles and the Blog.
Sailtech.com.au - this business has since been sold but the site features our information management principles, copywriting, response forms and "drill down" site navigation.
Rage Audio - site still under development but it features many of the same techniques as above.

abercombie river burlsdentures direct
rage audiosailtech
graeme cooper automotivesteel & alloy

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Who are we?
CONTENTWIZARDS is a business unit of ASPAC Consulting. that for many years has provided strategic planning, marketing communications & materials.
How we work
Our clients are literally all over Australia and the Western Pacific. We operate primarily via Internet, email and phone. Please see the "methods" page for further information

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