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Web designers love to create great graphics. So do we, but embracing the fundamentals of effective content, intuitive navigation are where we make a difference. We believe that a website should not be just an electronic brochure. It should provide the essential information that potential customers need from a supplier whose values they can trust. Your website should be the primary tools for building business relationships and communicating values. Information should be provided in the best possible way by ensuring that the site content is informative, interesting, accurate and has the relevant keywords and inbound links to generate enquires that lead to sales.

ASPAC Consulting specialises in information management and this is our major point of difference to most web designers. We will never expect the client to provide the text and other input material for us merely to assemble. We develop the site content and develop integrated marketing and sales solutions that work right across all of the client's operations.

Customized, integrated services from ASPAC

Evaluating business positioning, defining value propositions and competitor status is an essential start to any communications project. It may involve discussions with various stakeholders, but it can frequently be achieved quickly and at little or no cost.

In addition to developing the communications strategy and tools, we generally write the copy, take the pictures, develop product selection charts and tables that make it intuitive for site users to "drill down" to information that triggers the buying process. And we do not stop there. By creating "object libraries" of your critical text, images, reference material etc, these components form the basis for end-to-end marketing solution that can include advertising, promotional material, signage

ASPAC Services - anywhere, any time

Thanks to the Internet and ever-improving communication tools, it no longer matters where we are located. Mostly working by phone, email, and video link, there are few situations that cannot be addressed and resolved. Across a broad base of categories, ASPAC has assisted clients throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK and the USA. Projects have included strategic planning, business positioning, management presentations, content and website development, POS product selection guides and consumer advertising.

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