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Reasons to engage ASPAC Consulting

Since 2004 ASPAC has provided strategic advice, market/brand positioning and benefit communication solutions. ">We bring a wealth of knowledge about the issues that matter to users and enable us to generate prompt and cost-efficient results for our clients.

Below is a typical stakeholder schematic. Although not all will have the same information-needs, we invariably recommend starting analysis of a client's business with some basic strategic analysis, so that development and implementation proceeds on a sound footing.


Our services include:

Advice on how best to position the business & products

Development / amendment of effective

Value Propositions. i.e What is our promise to each group of stakeholders?

Marketing and communication strategies

Marketing & communication tools, including website navigation & content creation 

(For more detailed information about our content development services. see: )

Advertising, promotion & POS tools


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