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Q:  How long has your firm been operating?

A: ASPAC has operated since 2004, commencing as a collaboration between a management consultancy firm, a strategic planning / performance measurement specialist and our own established marketing consultancy.

Q: Your company name implies a "top-end-of-town" cost structure. Is that the case?

A: Although we certainly do work on major corporate assignments, much of our work is for small and medium businesses. These clients gain significant benefits because we are able to apply professional methodologies embraced by "big business" to smaller client situations with great effect and where cost is a major factor.

Why do you place so muxh emphasis on strategic planning when all we need is website content?

A: Some form of strategic planning should be the starting point for all business communication processes. Understanding Stakeholder mindset underpins the process of developing all effective communication elements, especially content.

Why do you place so much emphasis on content?

A: As marketing and information management specialists, we know that well developed content is the fundamental key to success. Also, it is not confined to webpages, because an "Object Library" works right across the client's business operations so that all marketing elements become complementary.

Q: Where are you based?

A: Because we use state of art communications technology via Satellite and Wireless Broadband, most projects are completed successfully without ever holding personal meetings.Our "development" websites allow us to provide clients with real-time updates. For example, copy, illustrations, logos, page headers, web pages, site navigation menus and print layouts etc may be viewed by the client as we develop them, facilitating immediate preview in an appropriate context.

Q: What value do you place on Search Engine Optimisation ?

A: There are many SEO components that combine to optimise a website. Content is always one of the most critical, as is the structure of the information, the key words, phrases and how they are presented. Depending on the category, we routinely achieve top rankings for our client's sites without any payment for PPC advertising.

Q. What are the barriers to working with you?

A: For optimum results, a client should be willing to embrace new ideas and solutions. As long as the relationship is based on honesty and openness, there is little we cannot achieve, relative to the agreed scope-of-work. If something is requested outside our expertise, we will say so, usually also assisting the client to find the relevant resource.

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