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This is not the place to engage in extensive academic debate about information structures (the web has thousands of such sources) but in the context of our working methods, the structure of site content should be based on "rules" that differ only slightly from those of any other process of communication. It is all abour relevance and ease of access to meaningful information..

As a bizarre example, imaging that you picked up a manufacturer's brochure / catalogue only to find that the first pages were entirely devoted to the family history of the founder. As interesting as this might be, it would rarely be a Unique Selling Proposition / Value Proposition as the motivating factor affecting your specific purchase intentions.

Better surely to introduce the main reasons for the relevance of the product / service and reasons why the merchant/seller should be your supplier of choice. After thyis, it should be an intuitve move to product / model selection, with reasons why each might be the optimum choice for each application. From there, you might be able to select a chart specifying the performance characteristics, prices and so on.

The principle of the suggested structure is one of "drill down" meaning from the the specific, each taking the prospective buyer closer to a positive buying decision. This is a good place to remind marketers that there will probably be a range of "stakeholders' in the procurement process. This must be considered when describing and arranging the information in ways that make it easy and intuitive for each and every find what is relevant.

Techniques will vary according to the market category and user profiles, but page text, illustrations, links to resources, a blog / case histories and/or a newsletter will all contribute to the effectiveness of communication. Again depending on the cataegory, each selection parameter will probably be different, although the principle remains the same..

ASPAC does not utilize the following structure on all occasions, but as a simplistic starting point, it has much to commend it:

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GOOGLE provides the following helpful guide to deployment:

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