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Object Libraries

Essentially. it is simply a reference source for anything that will be integral throughout not just a website, but all marketing and communication elements. These may comprise text, images, diagrams, charts or even external URs.. The benefit of this approach is that it consolidates these into a defined location, also that each element complies with overall strategy. It becomes such a ready source that it discourages the creation and use of unauthoried material. The latter is not a trivial matter and is frequently the cause of message content that does not reflect the approved strategies.

Using objects from the Object library, plus copy that we will write, we will develop the communication elements that reflect our client's Value Propositions in a tone that resonates with the mindset of each target audience. These may include website content, product selection guides, POS material, trade and end-user advertising and promotional materials.


If your own information elements are not optimized and/or located in relevant object libraries, we can help by modifiying and reorganising them.

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