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Value Propositions

A Value Proposition is an alternative description of what used to be called a "Unique Selling Proposition" (USP).except that Value Propositions are usually more detailed The following is an example of various USPs for small businesses: We routinely anayse each client's business positioning so that the VPs can be amended for optimum effectiveness.

USP examples

Although no two situations are ever quite the same, our extensive experience across so many business categories helps to simplify the process of evaluating how realistic and effective our client's VALUE PROPOSITIONS and marketing solutions  are, and how best to develop them, relative to the characteristics of and needs of the target market(s). The needs and mindset of each will almost certainly vary.

Based on this analysis, we will create a SCOPE OF WORK that outlines the project stages and costs.

The sequence of development is to create, modify or enhance the business/product positioning, redefine the Value Propositions and determine the best way to communicate themTo do this, we routinely create a "relationship" map that identifies the various stakeholders and ranks them in order of relevance. Next comes a comparison of our client's propositions versus those of competitors, This process continues until we and the client are ready to move on to the development and implementation stages.namely the creation/modification of marketing & communication tools, including website content, advertising, promotion & POS materials

Please let us help you to redefine the characteristics, information needs and priorities of your stakeholders, along with the Value Propositions most pertinent to each.: Please Contact us NOW for a free initial discussion

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