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About the ASPAC group

ASPAC was launched in 2004 as a joint venture between three consultancies. It was predominately a strategic planning firm, incorporating Value Search and Balanced Scorecard methodology. It also provided a range of marketing support services like visual design, product photography, content development, promotion and point-of-sale materials.

The Internet has completely changed not only the essence of marketing, but also the way that ASPAC works. Although we continue to provide all of the services mentioned above, we are now far more specialised in each segment. However, our core strength continues to be our understanding of how stakeholders think and how they will react to the messages and values communicated by our client.

How we work

Everything we do remains based upon our ability to define and communicate our client's VALUE PROPOSITIONS. This establishes what information is important, how it should be expressed and how it should be structured. It must answer the needs of the targeted stakeholders in a direct and empathc way. We routinely create a "relationship" map that links the needs of the target audience to the available iinformation This serves as the construction-basis for all marketing materials and keeps everything in line with the strategy.

The actual process of content development is now offered as a specialist service by our newly formed business unit CONTENTWIZARDS. This benefits our clients by concentrating resources on implementing the process . This invariably begins by assembllng existing material and creating new material into a comprehensive "object library" that is the foundation for all content.

client examples

These are just a few of the business categories and campaigns principal Alan Loveard has completed in recent years

How Our Services Will Help Your Business

Because the ASPAC Consulting Group covers all aspects of strategic planning, information content development and communication, we will be more able than most service providers to commence a new client project with a minimum of briefing and research. Our principals have worked in FMCG, OTC pharmaceuticals, cosmetics & toiletries. hardware, pipelines, industrial tools, welding, adhesives, audio equipment, automotive and marine categories, so we bring a wealth of knowledge that is also a major factor in developing effective communication outcomes for our clients.

We utilise a combination of broad business marketing experience, expertise in information management and content development.



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